Humanization of childbirth care: the history of Hospital Sofia Feldman


  • Ana Flávia Coelho Lopes
  • Erika da Silva Dittz
  • Lélia Maria Madeira
  • Vera Cristina Augusta Marques Bonazzi



In this paper we describe the elements that express humanization of childbirth care provided to women and newborn babies at Hospital Sofia Feldman. Due to the constant search for an integral approach in healthcare, the hospital has invested in inovative care-giving practices that are reflected on the quality of care provided. Some of these important practices are the inovative management model, the care centered on women’s and their family’s needs, and the continuous investment in training the health personnel that deals with women and babies. Such initiatives evince the effort made by all involved in the history of the Hospital and reinforce their responsibility and commitment to the defense of life.